Density512 is a start-up summer music series from June 25th-July 1st that aims to blend Austin's vibrant live-music culture with imaginative programs for contemporary chamber orchestra. Our mission is to bring classical music into the community in a uniquely ATX environment and promote musicians at the beginning of their professional careers. Think less “concert hall” and more “art party”.

To help us hire musicians, rent music, book venues, and pay the bills, you can GIVE a fully tax-deductible contribution made possible by the University of Texas.


Orchestra rethink

Tuesday, June 27th @8pm Scottish Rite Theater

All sounds are fair game now and so we present a concert where works on the program have winds and strings doubling harmonicas, music boxes, wind chimes, kazoos, etc looking primarily at the 21st century. A self-prescribed Quasi Sinfonia by the inventive David Gordon opens the program. Missy Mazzoli's pierrot work, Still Life Avalanche, will bridge the evening with players playing harmonicas. The evening will end with Frankenstein!! by H.K. Gruber. with Austin baritone, Tim O'Brien soloing. Grab a tin whistle and join in the fun for this evening of new soundworlds.

through the looking
glass and other toys

thursday, June 29th @7pm

Visit  Thinkery children's museum on June 29th for an exploration of 20th Century music inspired by toys, clowns, and children's books.  We will play Aaron Jay Kernis's Concerto for Toy Piano,  David Del Tredici's Vintage Alice, and music played in various costumes by Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio. Before the concert begins, audience members can meet the performers and learn to play instruments at our "Instrument Petting Zoo" and also check out Thinkery's many exhibits. The concert is for adults, but we think kids might like it too!


Bach's Burgers

Saturday, July 1st @8Pm
The North door

Peter Bay, music director of the Austin Symphony, leads us in exploration that begins in 17th C. Germany with Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6  and works its way to  Little Moonhead, a "new Brandenburg" written in 2008 by Melinda Wagner and inspired by Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. We will close down the night with Stravinsky's Concerto in Eb "Dumbarton Oaks". Listen, drink, and socialize at The North Door in East Austin, a venue known for welcoming out-of-the-box and creative performances.