current and past performers

Zoe Cagan
Nick Goodwin
Kirsten Hall
Leah Heit
Courtney Regester

Kristen Bundy
Aidan Dugan
Meredith Hall
Jillian Kouzel
Keenan Smith
Ben Stevenson

Josh Barker
Alan Bowden
Nick Brown
Nico Chona
Sarah Crowell
Patrick Dolan
Yu-Rou Li
Tyler McElhinney
Chanse Morris
Ivan Valbuena Paez
Luz Elena Sarmiento
Tyler Webster

Nicholas Perry Clark
Megan Darlington
Adam Drake
Ethan Lippert
Riley Litts
Andy Thomas
Meridith Wright

Sarah Au
Frank Carrubba
Ben Carroll
Ash Fulkerson
Joel Ockerman
Mike Mikulka
Zach Morgan
Matt Rosser
Jamie Sanborn
Matt Tayler
Luis Torres
Kathleen Thornton
Jacob Schnitzer
Mitchell Webb

Matthew Harper
Greg Horner
Joe Jennis
Casey Martin
Melissa Munoz
Luke Scallan

Tracy Heim
Tim Maines
Steven Vogel
Evan Williams

Bass Trombone
Luke Berringer
Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Morgan
Danny Trumble

Tim George
Andrew Q Langman
Robert McDonald

Dana Dominguez
Rick Drewry
Nigel Fernandez
Jacob Gray
Jose Martinez
Matthew Maxwell
Morgan Tao
Jordan Walsh
Lindsay Vasko


Laura Crabbe
Alyssa Everett

Page Stephens

Stacy Agnew
Brigid Becker
Heather Lewis

Donald Hale
Sahel Salam

Morgan Kramer
Alessio Nachtergael
Travis Nance

Tawsif Azad
Emma Boardman- 
Antonio Cevallos
Joann Ching
Kathryn Drake
Meghan Faw
CJ Fuertes
Saskia Gregg
Shruthi Kattamenu
Alex Kirk
Andrew Q Langman
Nick Montopoli
Ellen Piazza
Sara Sasaki
Ellen Scarborough
Camille Schiess
Chris Walters
Gloriana Wolf

Lana Dziekonski
Gerald Liu
Ujwal Madhavapeddi
Jennifer Martinez
Adrian Jackson
Meagan Peaco
Serena Votapek
Hailey Walterman
Jocelyn White

Brynna Abel
Matt Armbruster
Devan Bell
Josie Boyer
Russell Cannon
Courtney Castaneda
Julia Dixon
Dana Hsieh
Julie Lee
Hannah Rose
Akshaya Tucker

Double Bass
Nicolas Dominguez
Rhys Gates
Jordan Howe
Jae Kim
Josh Montellano
Hugo Ramirez
Ben Vogel


With special help from

Peter Bay, Music Director of the Austin Symphony Orchestra
Mary Ellen Poole, Director of Butler School of Music
Martha Hilley, Professor of Group Piano and Pedagogy at Butler School of Music
Page Stephens, Operations Manager at Butler School of Music
Ellen Piazza, Lab Orchestra Marketing Director
Andrew West, Director of Development at Butler School of Music
CJ Johnson, Librarian at Butler School of Music
Jenny Catchings, Communications Director at Butler School of Music


Nick CLark.jpg

Nicholas perry clark

Nicholas Perry Clark (b. 1993 in Portland, OR) is a conductor, composer, and bassoonist from Rainier, OR. Nicholas aspires to make a living as a conductor/composer and wishes to extend these roles to become an artistic visionary and a community leader. For this reason, he is a lover of film, theatre, and art in addition to music, and enjoys these mediums when he is not working on his music or studying the music of others. He conducts the Engineering Chamber Orchestra's Full Orchestra and Early/Contemporary Ensemble and frequently conducts new music by his composition colleagues at UT.

Jacob Schnitzer

Jacob Schnitzer (b. 1994) is a conductor, composer, educator, and horn player from North Texas. An avid creator of unique collaborations, Jacob co-founded the Lab Orchestra and Con Moto Brass Ensemble and conducts the Engineering Chamber Orchestra, the UT String Project Advanced Orchestra, and student organized ensembles around Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin. Aside from his interest in music, Jacob enjoys hiking, camping, wandering around Austin, umpiring baseball games, and eating tacos. Jacob resides in Austin with no wife, kids, or cats.


Andrew Q Langman
Assistant Director

Andrew "Q" Langman, 21, is a Piano Performance major at the Butler School of Music studying with Professor Gregory Allen.  He began formal conducting training in high school and has since participated in various conducting classes, workshops, and private lessons.  He debuted with the Lab Orchestra in the Fall of 2016.  Q is also working on a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Computer Science.